Sleeping next to your dog

Why sleeping next to your dog is a good idea

Sleeping next to your dog

Why sleeping next to your dog is a good idea

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If you don’t suffer from allergies or a medical condition that prevents you from sleeping next to your dog, you are in for a treat! Allowing your furkids on the bed is as good for you as it is for them. Why? Because, it makes you and them feel safe. And, when you feel safe, you are relaxed and sleep well. 

Today we explore why sleeping next to your dog is a good idea.

Good things that happen when you sleep next to your dog

You feel safe when you sleep next to your dog. Because, they are physiologically better equipped to pick up on movement and sound than what humans are. 

You get to know them. Sleeping next to your pet allows you time to spend time with them while in a relaxed state. 

When you sleep next to your dog, you wake up earlier. Your pet likely gets up earlier than you do (Chihuahua parents might disagree) to drink water or to go outside. They also tend to wake when they hear birds chirping. So, when they wake, so do you. 

You don’t feel alone. It is common for people who live alone to adopt a pet. The sound of a light snore or breathing can be comforting at night. 

You change your bedding more often. Dogs and cats shed hair, lick and bring dirt onto your bed. So, you change your bedding more often than non-pet parents do. That is, because you have to clean more often, there is a good chance that your bedroom is cleaner than that of a non-pet parent. 

Dogs and cats bring healthy dirt into your bedroom. Healthy dirt is dirt that carries good bacteria. In an over-sanitised world, good bacterium is a good thing, and a good reason to sleep next to your dog.

When letting your furkid sleep on the bed is not a good idea

Letting your furkid on the bed for the night is not the best idea when you have serious allergies, injuries, or have small children who want to play with the dog when they are on the bed. It is also not a good idea to sleep next to an older dog that is suffering from age-related conditions that make their body feel sore. If a dog feels ill or discomfort, they might lash out when bumped, or might even try to jump off the bed without supervision. For this reason, it is recommended to teach your furkid to use doggy steps to climb onto and off of the bed from a young age.

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