Puppy food

Why does my puppy need puppy food?

Puppy food

Why does my puppy need puppy food?

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Why does a puppy need special food? Why can’t puppies eat what adult dogs eat? Let us explore why your puppy needs a diet tailored to their growing needs and answer some common questions around the correct food for your pup.

Why is puppy food important for a growing pup?

Puppy food is more about what’s IN the bag than the size or texture of the food being fed.

A puppy’s growth can last anything from 8 – 18 months, depending on the breed of pup you have. So, when choosing a puppy food one should look for a feed that is suitable to you pup’s size.

Puppy food such as ranges from Royal Canin, Jock and Nutribyte focus on the specific nutritional needs of pups. During the growth phase, bone and muscle development is very important. But, so is eye, brain and immune system development. It is therefore unwise to give your puppy food that is not rich in the specific nutrients that assist the growth and development phase. Table food is also not recommended on a daily basis as certain human foods may not have adequate levels of essential nutrients your pup needs. Human food may also be too rich or salty for puppy’s tummy.

Should I feed my puppy dry food or wet food?

The biggest benefit of a dry kibble is oral hygiene. Kibbles scratch the surface of the teeth during chewing which helps to prevent excess tartar formation. With this being said, many pups are fussy eaters and wet food is highly palatable. Wet food can however be mixed with dry food (remember to follow feeding guidelines!) or can be served as a meal on its own. The only disadvantage of wet food is that it does tend to be more expensive than the dry kibble.

For how long does my puppy need to be eating puppy food?

The simple answer to this is as long as your pup is still growing and developing, usually up to 12 or even 18 months. The great thing about many dog foods is that they cater to specific breeds (Royal Canin, for example, offers breed specific options). Brands often indicate when your pup should move to the adult range on the bag. However, if you are unsure about when to switch to adult food, you can always speak to a SaYes representative.

Food, not treats

Active puppies need to get their daily calorie requirement from food and not from treats. Feeding a specially formulated diet will provide your pup the vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins that will assist him grow into a healthy and strong adult dog. Always choose a feed that is easy to chew and remember to follow the feeding guidelines to ensure your pup is receiving the correct amount of nutrition per day.

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