Jack russell terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier

Jack russell terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier

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Writing about the Jack Russell terrier is the highlight of our week. Some of us are quietly laughing at that walkies incident or that thing that happened at Granny’s house that time. Yes, that’s life with a Jack Russell. And it’s always entertaining.

A short history of the Jack Russell terrier

Even without reading this, Jack Russell parents will tell you without doubt that this is a dog that was bred for hunting. And, they are right. Bred in England by avid hunter Rev. John Russell in the early 1800s for hunting small fox species, this fun-loving furkid arrived in varying colours of black, tan and white. What is interesting about the Jack Russell is that it is not clear which breeds were crossbred by the Reverend. Some think the Beagle and the Bull Terrier made the cut. But, we cannot be perfectly sure. However, what is also interesting is that the Jack Russell was never bred to actually kill, which is why they are not aggressive dogs. All they had to do was get into the hole and pin the fox down.

Nowadays, we cannot image hunting little foxes, but we do know what the holes those early dogs dug must have looked like.

The Jack Russell terrier loves to dig

The Jack Russell is the kind of dog you get when you want, um… a dog. They are energetic, love to play, walk, and most of all, love their humans. But, like all terrier dogs, the Jack Russell also loves to dig.

Some dogs will dig because they are bored, experiencing anxiety or fear, hiding food or trying to cool down in a comfy hole. The Jack Russell digs because of its natural hunting instinct. For this reason, it is difficult to teach them not to dig, and pet parents make allowances by replacing shrubs and flowers with a sandpit to save what is left of the lawn.

However, digging is not something that should stop you from getting this white and tan furkid. Keeping them busy by, for example, running and walking them daily, giving them toys and sandpits and enough attention to keep their minds elsewhere, will help quite a lot. And, not all of them dig, forever. Some Jack Russell dogs only dig when they are puppies – just like other puppies do.

Walking is always fun

If your Jack Russell terrier is on a leash you are likely doing a slant-walk because he can’t contain his excitement while trying to get to every lamppost before you do. Or, if you have trained him to walk on a leash without pulling, he is moving straight but rather fast. Nevertheless, walking is fun, gets you a few stares and giggles, and, gets you exercising – which is a bonus.

Please join us for Part 2 of the Jack Russell terrier where we explore common health concerns and other traits.

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