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SaYes Pet Care is proud to be associated with Pepper on Patrol. Pepper is an anti-poaching, super sweet bull terrier that works in the Balule section of the Greater Kruger Park. Her job – to protect the rhino from nasty rhino poachers. 

It is, or we thought so, unusual for a bull terrier to be working as an anti-poaching dog. This type of job is usually left to the hounds (they are excellent trackers). So, what is it that makes Pepper and the bull terrier breed, unique?

The bull terrier is a misunderstood breed

The bull terrier has a long face (some might say it is egg-shaped), muscular short body, small dark eyes and pointy ears. These physical characteristics, along with media attention every time the breed acts aggressively, give the bull terrier a bad rep. But responsible owners will tell you that this furkid is just as loving and sweet as most other dogs. And, we have seen a Chihuahua or two act pretty unfavourably in the past, too – so there is certainly no judgement from us. 

The reason the bull terrier, however, is not suited to any household is its sheer power. And, a powerful, unsocialized or inadequately trained larger dog can be dangerous when left alone with small children and other animals, just like any other dog. This being said, the breed is actually quite affectionate and a great addition to responsible families. 

What about tracking and training?

Most of us don’t think of the bull terrier as a tracking dog, or one that can be trained. But, keep in mind that it is a terrier and that terriers were historically bred as working dogs. Pepper, for example, has excelled in her training and is reported to be very well behaved around the animals she must protect. So, yay for Pepper busting both those myths about bull terriers! 

Is a bull terrier right for me and my family?

This breed is as we mentioned, misunderstood and quite frankly, vilified by bad press that do not understand the breed. However, it is not a breed for everyone. Bull terriers need stimulation, training and play. If you are thinking about getting a bull terrier, visit a local rescue centre that specialises in rehabilitating the breed. During your visit, you will be introduced to a variety of dogs who each will have their own personality. The centre will also determine which of the dogs will make a great addition to your current lifestyle. 

More about Pepper

Pepper On Patrol is an entirely self-funded initiative which relies on personal investment and support from the local community.

If you have a few extra bucks to support this wonderful initiative, please consider making a donation to Pepper. Every donation is gratefully received. 

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