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Are you looking for tips on how to spoil your dog this season?

Christmas, Diwali or any celebration is usually filled with food and gifts! As pet parents we often see our pooches as family and tend to treat them as such. We do however, also know the saying: too much of a good thing is not a good thing at all!

So, how do you spoil your dog over the festive season? 

Spoil your dog by buying them something they need

Many dogs are prone to arthritis and hip dysplasia as they get older. There is no better spoil for your dog than a bed which assists in stiffness and pain management. Medically proven to even prevent these types of conditions, the Dog-O-Pedic Pharaoh Memory Foam Mattress might be exactly what your pooch needs to live more comfortably in their golden years. This type of spoil is long lasting and promotes their overall health and well-being!

Dog food spoils this festive season

Did you know that the holiday season is the season where most cases of pancreatitis are reported to veterinarians? If you have read our article on this severe condition, you will know that pancreatitis is mostly caused by a fatty diet, and not necessarily a persistent one. Over the holidays we think of cake, cookies, eggnog, meat, chicken, turkey and so on. Very often, we believe we are spoiling our dog by sharing of these dishes and we don’t realize that this could trigger a potentially fatal, and very painful, Pancreatitis. So, how do your spoil your dog while you are enjoying those buttery baked biscuits? The answer is simple; get them their own specially formulated biscuits!

A variety of healthy treats are available for your pooch. Probono has a range of biscuits for small to large breeds and even iced biscuits (Can someone say Zoo Cookies, yes please!) Montego Bags O’ Wags Caramel & Condensed Milk Flavour Squishies are mini-sized treats. These treats are great between meals as snacks and will hit that waggy spot every time!

Spoil your pooch with their regular meals

Many dogs feel ridiculously spoilt when you switch their regular dry food with wet food. The trick with dog food is to not mix it up as this can cause unnecessary gastrointestinal upset. Most food brands have a dry food and an associated wet food. So, the trick to spoiling your dog, while keeping them healthy, is to feed the wet version of the dry food every now and again. Your pooch will love the change and as a pet parent, you are spoiling your furkid the healthy way! Have you read our article on Dog Food yet? If not, then visit our blog for a fun fact on baking wet food as treats!

Other ways to spoil your dog over the festive season

Spoil your dog by spending more time with them outside playing. Go for walks or runs. Your body will thank you for it and your pooch will enjoy the extra attention. 

Spoil your dog with a new chew toy. Always remember to check that the size and type of toy is suitable for your breed and size pet. We don’t want broken teeth at the end of December!

Lastly, maybe your pooch needs a friend. If you have been considering this, then perhaps the festive season is a good time to bring a new furkid into the home. Read our article on Adoption Procedures for more information.

Happy Festivity Spoiling!

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