Purebreds and mixed breeds

Purebreds and mixed breeds

Purebreds and mixed breeds

Purebreds and mixed breeds

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We have all heard the phrase, “Adopt don’t shop”. And yes, there is always a good argument for adopting a dog. But what should we know about adopting mixed breeds versus shopping for purebreds? Today, we take you through the reasons why some people prefer mixed breeds over purebreds and vice versa.

Why do purebred dogs exist?

Firstly, and to get this out of the way, when people refer to “shopping” for pets, they are referring to buying purebreds, and usually from breeders.

Purebred animals exist because humans bred them to fulfil a specific purpose. For example, it is widely known that the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to catch rats in mines, whereas the Doberman Pincher was bred as a guard dog. And, of course, hounds were bred to hunt, which is why they like to bark and dig. However, although purebred dogs were originally bred for working purposes, more recently, some dogs are being bred purely for their looks. The bulldog, for example, is nowadays bred to have more wrinkles. Why? Because we think it looks cute. The same goes for ‘teacup’ dogs. So, without even going into the health concerns these dogs can have or the fact that there are so many mixed breed dogs waiting for homes, it is easy to see why some find the practice outdated.

Choosing purebreds over mixed breeds, here are some things people love about them and what to consider

Purebreds are not as genetically diverse as mixed breeds

It is therefore important that you research the breeder you are getting the dog from so that you know your new pup is healthy.

Some people love purebreds because they love the characteristics of a specific breed

People who have active lifestyles might opt for a breed that is agile. On the other hand, older folk might specifically want a breed that is lazy so that they can adopt them as companions. In the end, with a purebred you sort of know what you are going to get, and this is why they are appealing.

Some dogs do actually still work

Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers are trained as guide dogs because of their gentle temperament and willingness to please and learn. German Shepherds help police and soldiers in the line of duty, and Beagles sniff out narcotics. And then there are dogs that have other important jobs, such as cadaver dogs that help us find corpses. Okay, moving on…

Yes, you can get purebreds from a shelter the same way you get mixed breeds

So, if you are thinking about getting a purebred, you too can adopt.

If you are thinking of getting a mixed breed, here are things to consider and what we love about them

A mixed breed is just that. Mixed between breeds

If you are adopting from a shelter, you may not know exactly what mix of breeds you are getting. Now, this is exactly why some people love them, and exactly why some people don’t.

Mixed breeds are unique

Yes, every mix has a unique look, which can be very cute, or very cute because it is weird. And this is again exactly what some people love about them.

Mixed breeds can be healthier than purebreds because they have a diverse genetic makeup

In other words, nature has a way of sorting things out. When breeds are mixed, the traits that can make a purebred not as healthy or agile will likely lessen when mixed with another breed.

Shelters are full of mixed breeds

And this is where the debate of buying purebreds versus adopting mixed breeds usually begins. Many dogs end up in shelters because they were unwanted puppies. In other words, they were not bred to go to a home. For this reason, shelters are full of unwanted dogs who may sadly never know a loving home. So, adopting a pet from a shelter is definitely a good thing.

Final thought about purebreds and mixed breeds

All dogs are deserving companions that should never be placed in a box of expectation and rumour.

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