Top Tail Adult Original

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Top Tail Adult Original

R157.00R544.00 incl VAT or Schedule and save

Available in 10 kg, 20 kg and 40 kg


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Top Tail Original is a complete and nutrition-balanced dog food with outstanding quality – at a very affordable price. Top Tail dog food contains all the essential vitamins and trace minerals to maintain the health and vitality of your best friend and is suitable for all medium- and large-breed adult dogs.

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Key benefits of the balanced Top Tail nutrition:

– The high-quality protein in Top Tail dog food deliver optimum levels of amino acids, to promote strong, lean muscles for the health of your dog.
– The inclusion of whole grains and wholesome bran in Top Tail provides a natural source of fiber. This helps control intestinal transit and support nutrient absorption and firmer stools.
– Top Tail contains a blend of minerals and essential fatty acids to nourish a healthier and shinier coat.
– Enriched levels of vitamins, such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E help to strengthen the immune
system and keep dogs healthy by reducing the oxidative stress.
– The correct level of calcium and phosphorus helps support strong bones and teeth.


Protein 20% minimum, Moisture 10% maximum, Fat 10% minimum, Fibre maximum 3%, Ash 7% maximum, Calcium 0.9% minimum to 1.6% maximum, Phosphorus 0.8% minimum, Omega 6 fatty acids 0.9% minimum, Vitamin A 12 000 IU/kg, Vitamin E 75 IU/kg.

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