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Pet hair shedding, is there a way to control this in your home? Certain breeds of cats and dogs are prone to excessive shedding. There are however a few things that you can do to ensure hair isn’t your new look.

Can I stop my pet from shedding?

Short-haired and long-haired cats and dogs are all naturally prone to shedding. Depending on the breed of furry animal in your home, you may find that winter coats develop, and as summer comes along, this extra hair is shed. So, you cannot stop your pet from shedding hair naturally. 

There are however other reasons why your four-legged friend may be shedding excessively, including:

  • Poor nutrition
  • An underlying medical condition
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress

Should you feel that the shedding in your home is beyond normal, have your furkid evaluated by a veterinarian to determine if there is perhaps an underlying cause.

Controlling your pet’s hair shedding

For both cats and dogs, regular grooming is advised. There are different types of grooming brushes for pets that remove any underlying dead tufts of hair. Moreover, when brushing is performed properly you may find that your loved one enjoys the added attention and pampering. It is important to note, however, that not all grooming brushes are suitable for all hair types. Check with your veterinarian if you are unsure.

In addition to the above, bathing is another technique that removes dead pet hair and therefore reduces shedding. Dogs might however enjoy this more than cats. During the bathe, ensure you are using massaging actions to ensure you are getting to the underlying hair. A bath every second to third week for a dog, and once a month for a cat, will drastically reduce the amount of hair that is left in your home. Drying after the bath should be done with a course towel to rub away any additional loose hair. 

Reducing hair in the home

Your vacuum cleaner should become your new best friend. To control pet hair shedding you will need to work at removing it. If vacuuming on an almost daily basis is not suitable to your lifestyle, consider a robot vacuum. Most robot vacuums are designed specifically for pet hair.

For pet’s that enjoy your couches or bed, use a lint roller or fluff remover to remove the hair. All these techniques will aid in reducing shedding in your home, and through grooming, your furkid will feel happier too!

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