Pepper on Patrol

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Pepper On Patrol is an entirely self-funded initiative that relies on personal investment, support from the local community and the generosity of her supporters.

Pepper and her owner/handler Adrian are part of the anti-rhino poaching team that works tirelessly in a dangerous role to keep South Africa’s rhinos alive and safe. Pepper and Adrian founded Rhino Watch specifically for their section of the reserve, Balule, which is part of the Greater Kruger Park.

Pepper has been training hard to protect the wildlife living within the Greater Kruger area. She was taken to the camp she now calls home when she was just a puppy. Since she first arrived, she has grown to become an intergral part of the conservation effort in her camp. The reason Pepper is so unique is that Bull Terriers aren’t usually the first to be considered as working dogs. However, she has excelled in all her training and today is a faithful companion during stakeouts for poaching prevention.

Always on duty, Pepper and Adrian can be found patrolling the reserve, tracking down armed poachers and regularly sleeping out in the wilderness for several days and nights on end. Pepper is dedicated to catching the bad guys and is very well-mannered with the wildlife she encounters.

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