New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

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Our pets are our family, so it makes sense that they should join in the fun and our crazy human traditions. And one of those is the tradition of making resolutions. Here are your pet’s top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2020!

Play more

Your furkid likes to play. Take some time out of a busy day for playtime.

Sleep more

Pets LOVE to sleep. Make sure they have a cosy basket, blanket or carpet for nap-time.

Go on a diet

Your pet eats what you feed them. Opt for healthy snacks and a nutritional meal over table scraps and human treats.


This is probably at the toppest of the top of New Year’s resolution lists. If you have a cat, spend some time participating in active play that makes them (and you) tired. And if you have a dog, go walkies more often.

Go walkies

Yes, even if you are not doing this for exercise, your dog (and maybe even your Siamese) loves to walk. When you do not have much time, a stroll up and down the street is better than no walk at all.

Learn something new

It is rewarding to learn something new, so we are putting it here on our New Year’s resolution list. Spending time on training is also good for bonding and will create a lasting friendship between you and your furkid.

Meet the neighbours

Cats do not like meeting new cats as much as dogs like meeting new dogs – and humans. If your pet is well socialized, introduce them to both new human and furry friends. They will love the attention. But, this resolution also serves another purpose. If you cannot get home for some reason, like life happening, it is good to have a neighbour or friend your pets are familiar with who can take care of them on short notice.

Get new toys

Your pet will benefit from toys that improve their quality of life. And yes, happiness makes life worth living. When you are at work your pet is home alone, and probably bored. Routinely introducing new toys to their toy box will keep them busy, stimulate their minds and keep them out of trouble.

Visit the vet for a check-up

Your furkids will benefit from a routine visit to the vet. Your trusted vet will administer vaccinations, check teeth, listen to breathing and look for signs of infection or discomfort.

And, New Year’s Resolutions for humans: Be a good pet parent

Yes, this one is for us humans. Be good to your furkids, every year, and make their years good ones.  

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