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My dog is sneezing, this is completely normal, right? Well, yes and no.  Although sneezing is a common occurrence, it could be as a result of something more serious. When accompanied with certain symptoms, however, your pooch may require veterinary intervention.

Irritants in the nose canal

Think of when you accidentally breathe in that pepper you are putting on your food. You are most likely to sneeze once or twice. Similarly, the same applies with dogs. Perfumes, deodorants and household cleaners are examples of environmental irritants which may cause your dog to start sneezing. Once the irritant has settled, the sneezing will subside. 

Allergens causing sneezing in your dog

As opposed to the above, allergens causing your pooch to sneeze are more challenging to control. Dust in and around your home, as well as pollen in the air, may be a cause for seasonal rhinitis. Should your dog be sneezing and have watery nasal discharge, you may want to consult with your veterinarian. There are certain medications and nasal sprays available to combat the allergic cause of sneezing. If allergens are the culprit, visit our articles on allergies and how to treat them. A good wash with Allercalm or Purl Advanced Hypo Allergenic shampoo will aid in reducing associated allergy symptoms.

Inflammation in the nasal canal

Has your dog recently had some dental cleaning and extraction done? If the answer is yes, you may wonder how this is related to sneezing. Dogs who start sneezing post a dental procedure are at risk for having inflammation in the nasal canal. This is a serious condition and must be observed and treated by a veterinarian. 

Infected teeth causing your dog to sneeze

In contrast to the above, an infected tooth may also be causing your dog to sneeze. When sneezing is accompanied by nasal discharge in your dog an examination by a veterinarian is warranted. Infected teeth can cause bacterial infection, therefore, good dental hygiene in any pet is highly recommended.

Other reasons for your dog sneezing


This is a serious condition requiring veterinary intervention. Associated symptoms include bloody nasal discharge and trouble breathing.

Playful sneezing in your dog

Small breed dogs may sneeze once or twice when playing, this is no cause for concern as your pooch is simply having fun!

Compressed nasal passages

Certain breeds of dogs have flatter nasal passages which predispose them to sneezing more regularly.

Observe your dogs carefully when they sneeze and visit your vet if sneezing happens too often and with nasal discharge.

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