Dog not drinking water

My dog is not drinking water

Dog not drinking water

My dog is not drinking water

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If your dog is not drinking water, as a pet parent you automatically know this should be a cause for concern. As dogs’ pallets are different to humans, water actually tastes good to dogs. It is also the primary label on almost every bag of kibble: “Always ensure that there is fresh water available. “

Reasons why your dog is not drinking water

Type of food 

The first consideration is the type of food you are giving your pet. Have you recently changed from dry food to wet food? If the answer is yes, you will notice that your pooch is most likely going to the water bowl much less than before. This is because wet food is moist and does not cause excessive thirst. Wet food actually keeps dogs well hydrated. With this being said, a change to wet food should not lead to complete lack of water intake. Your dog should still be drinking water on a daily basis. 

Should you be concerned that your pooch is dehydrated, try pinching a small part of their skin on their back. A well hydrated dog’s skin will spring back immediately. Dehydration in dogs is a serious condition and requires immediate veterinary care.


There are various illnesses which may cause your dog to stop drinking water, this may include:

  • Bladder infection, or urinary tract infection
  • Kidney disease
  • Diabetes

Illnesses causing your dog not to drink water require urgent veterinary care. It is therefore important to observe your dog carefully. Dogs can typically go three days without water, however this may lead to complete dehydration. The rule of thumb is 24 hours, where after veterinary care should be sought to rule out or treat, serious illnesses. 

Other reasons include:

  • The water bowl may be dirty. Fresh water in a clean bowl must be provided daily
  • Older dogs will drink less water than younger, active dogs
  • A lack of exercise will cause dogs to lessen their water intake
  • Stress and anxiety may cause your dog to refuse water

Water intake in dogs of all ages is extremely important. As a pet parent, recognising a lack of water intake and observation of your pooch’s drinking habits is key to preventing dehydration. If you want to increase your dog’s wet food intake, please search our shop.

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