Tame a feral cat

How to tame a feral cat

Tame a feral cat

How to tame a feral cat

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The feral cat fends for itself, and adult feral cats may not be appropriate for taming as house pets. The feral cat typically sees everyone in their surroundings as a potential threat. Taming a feral cat can therefore be a lengthy process. Your aim will be to establish trust, security and socialization with humans.

Balls and Claws

The feral cat is an unsocialised animal and their first line of defense is to be defensive. Approaching a feral cat may end in an injury to yourself. Feral cats may have rabies and when an injury results ensure that you have your wound medically attended to.

Establishing a routine for food

Try placing a bowl of food in a certain spot each day and keep to this routine.

When you are trying to tame a feral cat, you need to practice patience and consistency. They most likely will not want to eat with you watching and waiting so after placing the food in the desired location, remove yourself from the immediate area.

As time goes by you can stand closer to the food bowl, should you notice that this scares the feral cat then step away and stand at the original distance the feral cat felt safe eating their meal.

Avoiding personalization when taming a feral cat

For the first few weeks, or even months, feral cats should not be approached for stroking, cuddling or touching of any kind. You can determine whether trust is developing by standing closer to the food bowl during each feed, however if they back-away, you need to do the same. This can be a very tedious process and patience in the process is key.

Let the feral make the first move

The best way to tame a feral cat is to not force that which is threatening. If the feral cat makes a move, such as approaching you, try speaking to them in a gentle voice. Having them know your smell, voice and approach to them may assist in desensitizing their fear of you.

The cat trap

Cat traps can be purchased which are safe enough to not harm the feral cat. Feral cats should only ever be caught for domestication when you have established a relationship with them, and they have built trust and confidence in having you around. 

Accepting that taming a feral cat is not always possible

To tame a feral cat may take months, however, this is not always possible. When looking at taming a feral cat, you will most likely be more successful with the younger cat who can more easily adapt to socialization and a change in routine.

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