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A healthy exercise plan is one that is fun and that your pup can easily accomplish. It is also important to keep in mind your dog’s breed, fitness level and life stage when deciding on an exercise plan. Older dogs, or dogs with medical concerns, should not be asked to perform exercise unless a veterinarian says it is okay. 

Here are our tips for fun and healthy exercise

  • Walk

Walking is excellent exercise for most dogs. Navigate hiking trails or go see the neighbourhood. Puppies and older dogs will benefit from shorter walks more days of the week than longer infrequent walks. 

  • Play

Play is an excellent way to get in some fun exercise. Play tug, hide-and-seek, fetch or visit the dog park.

  • Swim

Swimming is good exercise for dogs who like water. Swimming is also a good choice for dogs that have joint issues. 

  • Run

If you have a high-energy breed, consider taking your dog with you when you go for a run. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dalmation, Weimaraner, Doberman Pinscher, Belgian Malinois, German Shepherd and Border Collie are examples of dogs that need plenty of exercise. 

  • Agility

Agility training is fun and great exercise for dogs (it is good exercise for their mind too). Join a club or take your dog to a session at a local training centre. 

Benefits of regular exercise

  1. Exercising has health benefits such as reducing the risk of developing obesity
  2. Helps you bond with your dog
  3. Helps socialise your dog
  4. Curbs aggression and destructive behaviours caused by boredom, such as digging, chewing and excessive barking

If you are unsure of how much exercise your pet should perform in a week, ask your veterinarian for guidance. Some pets do not need, and will not benefit, from rigorous exercise. Signs that your dog cannot keep up include heavy breathing (during and after exercise), unwillingness to perform the exercise and sitting or lying down frequently. If your dog displays any of these signs, stop the exercise and make sure your pet is okay.

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  1. I completely agree that a healthy exercise plan is a fun one. If your dog does not enjoy the exercise it’s a losing battle. I really wish I had a pool for my dogs! Swimming is excellent exercise. But, walking is probably the best exercise for any dog. Thanks for the tips! Love the new website.

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