General Terms and Conditions / REFUND POLICY

General terms and conditions

Definition of terms

“Business Day” and “Standard business hours” refers to working days during standard business hours; that is, between 8am and 4:30pm, excluding weekends and public holidays. “Checkout” refers to the Payment system that collects payment from the User.
“Company” refers to Sayes Pet Care (Pty) Ltd.
“Content” refers to and includes but is not limited to; written content across the SaYes platforms, blogs, images, videos, comments and posts.
“Customer” refers to any User that purchases Goods from the Company.
“Goods” refers to domestic dog food and domestic cat food purchased on the SaYes online store at
“Historical information” refers to information that displays previous actions by the User, including but not limited to; purchasing information, Pet information, Subscription information, and any other information entered or processed at a previous time.
“Login” refers to the use of the Company login that allows for the creation of and access to a User profile that contains Personal information, Historical information and Pet information. “Personal information” refers to an individual’s Personal data or User data as defined by the privacy policy.
“Pet” refers to the pet that will consume or use the Goods; that is, a domestic dog or a domestic cat.
“Platform” refers to the official company pages and online accounts created by the Company and which are hosted publicly.
“Policy” refers to Company Policy.
“Profile” refers to a User profile created by User on the SaYes website.
“Subscription” refers to the entering of email addresses and User and/or Personal information for the purpose of receiving information from Company. Such User is referred to as a “Subscriber”.
“User” refers to the individual who entered their personal information on the SAYES website to create an account profile for login, to receive notification of updates, to receive newsletters, and/or to make a donation.

Terms of sale

Sayes Pet Care (Pty) Ltd, hereafter “SaYes”, is an online pet nutrition and wellness store that sells a variety of food, snacks and over-the-counter pharmaceutical Goods for pet use and consumption. A User purchases Goods via the Company’s online store and pays the amount due. Once a User has completed a successful transaction and the Company receives full payment, the Company packages Goods the User successfully purchased and delivers said Goods to User. Delivery is made to the address specified during checkout or profile setup.

If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, SaYes will return, exchange or refund Goods if the following conditions are met:

Returns of incorrect Goods

If you have purchased the incorrect Goods, a request for a return of those Goods must be received within 7 business days of delivery of Goods.
To protect the health and safety of our pet consumers, Goods that are returned are thoroughly inspected for breach or tampering. If the returned Goods pass inspection, the Goods are returned to stock. If Goods are found to be defective, SaYes will report the defect to the supplier and will replace said Goods from available stock. The replacement Goods will be delivered to the Customer who made the original purchase.

SaYes reserves the right to refuse the refund of goods that do not meet the conditions for Returns as stated herein, which includes Goods that were tampered with. 


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, a refund request or a request for an exchange must be received by SaYes within 7 business days of delivery of Goods. Goods packaging must be fully intact and not tampered with in any way to be eligible for an exchange.
Goods that have been opened will be thoroughly inspected, and if found to be defective, such defect will be reported to the supplier. Goods that are found to be tampered with will not be exchanged, replaced or refunded.

SaYes reserves the right to refuse the exchange of Goods that do not meet the conditions for Exchanges as stated herein. 


Refunds are processed solely at the discretion of SaYes.


The Customer, Subscriber, User, or any person who accesses services or content in any way, indemnifies and holds SaYes harmless against loss, consequential loss, liability or damages of whatsoever nature. SaYes will not accept liability or damages of whatsoever nature for instances relating to Subscriber or shared communications, Subscriber or shared content, interception of Subscriber communications, publications or any use of content available on the website or social media pages of any kind.

Termination of services

SaYes may discontinue any service or Goods at any time without notice.

Payment terms

On the SaYes site, products to be purchased must be selected and added to the shopping cart. Once the User selects and confirms checkout, the system will provide the available payment options. The User selects their preferred payment method. Once the payment has been processed, the SaYes team will proceed with the shipment of Goods purchased. The User will receive a confirmation of their order, and delivery will follow.


SaYes will not disclose, share or distribute Subscriber, User or Profile information as per the SaYes privacy policy. For information regarding our policy on the protection of your personal information, please visit the privacy policy, or contact us at

Online registration and profile abuse

It is the User’s responsibility to notify SaYes of any misuse of User’s profile, login information, password, email address, and any other information entered on the SaYes online registration system and Platform. It is solely the User’s responsibility to ensure that their information is kept secure. SaYes accepts no responsibility whatsoever for transactions as a result of a User’s information being compromised. If you suspect your information is being used on our system, notify us immediately. 

Website abuse, failure, errors and malfunctions

SaYes does not guarantee that use of the website and its features will be completely free from errors and/or malfunctions, or that is will not experience failures. Orders that are incorrectly captured and processed on the website and its linked systems, whether by a website user, SaYes representative or agent, at the time of a system malfunction, failure, or error, are invalid. Orders that are captured and processed as a result of abuse of the website, whether intentional or unintentional, are also invalid and SaYes has no obligation to process such orders further and deliver the goods. If a payment was processed during a malfunction, failure, or error, or as a result of unintentional abuse, the customer will be refunded. 

Promotional Terms and Conditions

Promotions are offered from time to time and are subject to terms and conditions. Errors and Omissions are Excepted (E&OE). Offers are valid while stocks last. If a promotion has an end date, offers are valid for the duration of time indicated while stocks last. SaYes Pet Care reserves the right to edit or discontinue promotions at any time at its sole discretion without notice. Orders over R400 are delivered free. Orders under R400 are delivered for a fee. Images and any other media used on our platforms (website and social media pages) are for illustration purposes only. The actual product packaging may differ to what is displayed on an advertisement, video, website banner or social media post, or any other placement. Please see our general terms and conditions for more detail on purchasing from SaYes Pet Care. Some suppliers may have their own terms and conditions for products on promotion. Unless specifically stated otherwise, promotions do not apply to scheduled orders. 

Blog and general information

SaYes does not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our blog/information/website will be uninterrupted, secure, or free from errors. The information in our blog(s)/website is for general information purposes only. SaYes, any publisher, and any contributor does not guarantee the accuracy of any information and links to information. Information/blog(s)/website should not be considered legal, professional or medical advice, and should not be construed as such. You must not rely on information on this website/blog(s) as an alternative to professional advice from your own licensed veterinarian. Information/blog(s)/website is not guaranteed to be available at all times and may be removed without notice. Content should only be read in its original format.

SaYes reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions and policies at any time without notice. Please contact Company at for a copy of the latest Company policy and terms and conditions documents.