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SaYes delivers within 2 business days. Please take note of holiday season delivery breaks by viewing our notifications.

Returns and replacement of Goods

If you have purchased the incorrect Goods, a request for a return of those Goods must be received within 7 business days of delivery of Goods.
To protect the health and safety of our pet consumers, Goods that are returned are thoroughly inspected for breach or tampering. If the returned Goods pass inspection, the Goods are returned to stock. If, however, Goods are found to be defective, SaYes will report the defect to the supplier and will replace said Goods from available stock. The replacement Goods will be delivered to the Customer who made the original purchase.

SaYes reserves the right to refuse the return and refund of goods that do not meet the conditions for Returns as stated herein.


If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, a refund request or a request for an exchange must be received by SaYes within 7 business days of delivery of Goods.
Goods that have been opened will be thoroughly inspected, and if found to be defective, such defect will be reported to the supplier. Goods that are found to be tampered with will not be exchanged, replaced or refunded.

SaYes reserves the right to refuse the exchange of Goods that do not meet the conditions for Exchanges as stated herein.


Refunds are processed solely at the discretion of SaYes.

All products prices includes VAT