Exercising your dog

Exercising your dog for optimal health

Exercising your dog

Exercising your dog for optimal health

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Exercising your dog is critical for their health and development. However, your furkid does not need to run marathons in order to be healthy. On the contrary, short bouts of regular exercise are known to be great for heart health and optimal development.

Health Benefits of exercising your dog

  • Healthy movement improves heart health.
  • Play and exercise can reduce anxiety. A good fast paced walk or run may aid these symptoms.
  • Exercising your dog may prevent your garden from being dug up as exercise relieves boredom.
  • Exercise can improve joint health. So moving the body builds muscles and aids in supporting the joints.
  • Walking and running exercises aid in relieving constipation.
  • Exercise stimulates a healthy appetite. Dogs that are exercising regularly therefore tend to have good eating habits.

What to consider before deciding on an exercise plan?

  • Consider the breed and age of the dog. Puppies and younger dogs have more stamina than the older dog. Additionally, different types of dogs have different exercise needs. A husky or labrador for example requires daily high energy exercise whereas a chihuahua will be happy with a calm walk every other day.
  • Consider the overall health of your dog. Exercising a dog with a heart problem, for example, is necessary but too much exercise may cause heart strain.

When is exercising my dog not a good idea?

  • Recovering sprains, breaks or fractures can be made worse through exercising. Dogs recuperating from injuries require veterinarian approval before activity levels are increased.
  • Spending time in extremely hot weather may lead to dehydration. Additionally, pavements can burn their paws. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot walk barefoot on the pavement then it is too hot to take your dog for a walk.
  • Post recovery from hospitalization or surgery. However, always consult with your veterinarian for the appropriate timing to get your pooch active again.

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