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Dog food is available in many different brands and styles. From the posh pooch to the born-to-be farm dog, there is a food available for every furkid. Let’s explore the different types of foods that are spoiling pet parents for choice.

Types of dog food

There are currently wide selections of brands available offering different types of dog food. From the dry kibble to the raw diet, canned foods and even stew-style meals. Consequently, pet parents are spoilt for choice. If you are unsure which brand or type is right for your dog, speak with your veterinarian. Superior quality brands your vet may recommend include Royal Canin and Vet’s Choice

Regular dog food versus the prescription diet

When ordering dog food online, you may notice that prescription diets are not available for purchase. The reason for this is that the prescription diet is specially formulated to treat certain diseases. Yes, that’s right, pets suffering from skin ailments, kidney disease, pancreatitis or stress all benefit from specially formulated foods. For this reason, a prescription diet is available for purchase at your local veterinarian and not commercially. 

Similarly to prescription diets, regular dog food also varies in design, type and benefits. However, regular food is not formulated to treat any diseases. Royal Canin, for example, has specially formulated foods for different breeds of furkids during their life stages. Speak with your veterinarian if you are unsure about the type of food your dog should be eating at his life stage.

Home cooked meals versus store bought dog food

Many pet parents enjoy cooking a meal for their furry family. It is important to remember, however, that a dog’s pallet is not the same as that of a human. We know – their eyes tell a different story, but, it is a fact! Home cooked meals, should this be your choice for feeding time, should be protein efficient with no additives. For example, boiled chicken without the skin, some plain white rice and boiled carrots. This type of food is often fed to canines who are recovering from surgery because it is non-fatty, easy to digest and nutritional. Additionally, cooking your dog’s food with salt, oils and butter increases their risk for a variety of health issues. This may include heart disease and pancreatitis which are both potentially fatal conditions.

Fun fact: 

Did you know that baking canned dog foods (excluding the “stew-style”) is an option? Simply slice the roll into blocks, place on some parchment paper and bake in the oven at moderate heat for 10-15 minutes. This is a great way to turn dog food into a treat that your pooch will love! Side note: This works best with hard-canned foods that have a “meatier” texture. 

In summary

Dog foods from reputable brands are made with great care and consideration for your pooch’s health and well-being. Specifically, these foods are filled with essential nutrients and enable your pooch to live their best life, no matter their age or activity level. Home cooked meals should be fed with your pet’s nutritional needs in mind.

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