People that don't like animals

Dealing with people that don’t like animals

People that don't like animals

Dealing with people that don’t like animals

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Pet parents dread entertaining friends or family who don’t like animals. But over the festive season, this is exactly what they have to do. There are many opposing opinions amongst pet parents about how to handle people who don’t like animals. Some are of the opinion that guests should just stay away, while others feel that it is okay to place a furkid in a good kennel or with a furkid-friendly neighbour for a few hours. However, if you choose to keep your furkid in their home during visits, here are a few tips on dealing with people who do not like pet animals.

Why some people just don’t like animals

Some people don’t like pet animals for a number of reasons; such as allergies triggered by pet dander and the idea that animals are “dirty” and belong outside. Some people also dislike the sound of barking, the sight of fur on furniture and of course, furniture being scratched or chewed.

Place your furkid in a comfortable spot

If your furkid does not mind being left alone, place them in a spot where they are used to spending the day or night unaccompanied. Give them food and water and a few toys to keep them busy for those few hours. If your family or friends are spending the night, bring your furkids to their sleeping spot when everyone has gone to bed. Put the TV on so that they hear a familiar sound. This will also keep them from focusing on the noise that guests are making. If your furkid wants to be part of the action, it is usually better to let them see what is going on. Some dogs will bark or try to get to where their parents are. This is far more disrupting to people who don’t like animals than just having pets wander around. For this reason, it is better to obedience train your furkids when they are young. Dogs that are trained will not jump up on guests, on furniture or beg for food.

Dealing with fur

Buy a lint roller. If you are dealing with people who do not like pet animals because of hair on furniture, the easiest fix is to quickly roll over the sofa with a lint roller. Lint rollers are easier than vacuum cleaners, and a lot faster. You can even roll over your guests’ bedding. Alternatively, keep a blanket that does not attract hair in the guest cupboard. Blankets cannot be rolled with lint rollers as easily as furniture and sheets. So, keeping a blanket in a spot where it will stay clean will save you a lot of trouble.

Dealing with people who don’t like animals because they suffer from allergies

If you are dealing with guests who suffer from pet dander allergies, bath your furkids before they arrive. Bathing reduces the allergy load they carry and can thus help to curb a reaction in the human. Also look at anti allergen sprays and washing your pet’s baskets and blankets before your guests arrive.

Discreet cleaning

Keep wipes handy. Furkids can sense when someone does not like them. Oftentimes, they might urinate in front of the guest or stand and stare at them, and yes, drool. It is just a strange thing pets do when they feel uncomfortable. So, keep rolls of wipes, both wet and dry, in a cupboard you can easily reach. Having wipes handy eliminates the need to mop floors or wash with a cloth that you must clean in front of guests.

Guest No-No’s

Some guests will appreciate your effort and enjoy their stay in your home. However, some might not. If you are dealing with the latter, never allow a person that does not like your pet animals to upset them in any way. If you suspect that a visitor is shouting at or scaring your furkid, make it clear that such behaviour will not be tolerated. Your furkid should always feel safe and happy in their own home.

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