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The Cocker Spaniel, with their lush and bright coats, are one of the dog breeds that are prone to obesity. Pet parents can vouch that the Cocker Spaniel almost always seems hungry and will exceed their recommended daily intake of food when given the opportunity to do so. Royal Canin’s Cocker Adult dog food allows pet parents to manage their dog’s weight whilst taking care of their overall nutritional needs. Enriched with nutrients to support a healthy coat and cardiac function, this complete feed can be fed as a staple diet from 1 year of age. 

*Ideal weight is maintained when appropriate feeding guidelines are followed

Type of food:



Complete feed for dogs – Specially for adult and mature, English or American Cocker Spaniels – Over 12 months old

Key Benefits of Royal Canin – Cocker Spaniel Adult Dry Dog Food

1. Healthy skin & coat: ‘Cocker Adult helps support the skin”s “barrier” role (exclusive complex), maintain skin health (EPA & DHA, vitamin A) and nourish the coat. Enriched with borage oil.’

2. Exclusive kibble design: This formula helps reduce the risk of tartar formation thanks to calcium chelators.

3. Ideal weight: This formula helps maintain the Cocker Spaniel’s ideal weight.

4. Healthy cardiac function: This formula contributes to maintaining health of the cardiac muscle.

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