chamomile safe for dogs

Can chamomile and passion flower aid anxiety in dogs?

chamomile safe for dogs

Can chamomile and passion flower aid anxiety in dogs?

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Chamomile and passion flower have potential calming benefits. Chamomile is widely used in
tea to aid sleep in humans, whereas passion flower is used for depression and anxiety.
Today, we discuss whether chamomile and passion flower are safe for dogs with symptoms
of anxiety.

The history of chamomile and passion flower

Used for its healing and beauty benefits, chamomile was a popular herb in many ancient
cultures. The Romans, Greeks and ancient Egyptians used the herb extensively. Nowadays,
used for its positive effect on sleep problems, chamomile is a popular herb in our modern,
stressed society.

Similarly, recognised by ancient cultures for its calming benefits, passion flower was just as
popular as chamomile. The Ancient Europeans used one species of passion flower (there are
around 500), to treat restlessness. Like chamomile, humans often take passion flower by
soaking the dried leaves to make herbal tea. Today, we discover that chamomile and
passion flower are also useful for treating anxiety in dogs.

Our pets feel stressed

Our pets can be as stressed as we are. Pet’s feel stressed when their humans are away,
when they feel unwell or are bored. Pets can also feel stressed when their human parents
are tense or in a bad mood.

Is chamomile and passion flower safe for dogs?

If your pet is displaying symptoms of restlessness or stress, consult a veterinarian to rule out
any serious conditions. If, however, your dog is merely a little restless, introduce a snack at
bedtime that contains chamomile in a safe dosage.

Probono has added a bedtime snack to their specialised biscuit range that contains both
chamomile and passion flowers. The biscuit also contains honey and yogurt for their health,
tummy-friendly and soothing properties. In addition to aiding your dog’s anxiety symptoms,
these little biscuits are high in vitamin A, C and E. Plus, they are suitable for all-sized dogs.
Another interesting product that has our attention is the Regal Stress and Anxiety Remedy.
This tasty liquid contains, you guessed it, chamomile and passion flower which we have now
discovered are safe for dogs (in the right dose). Plus, it contains valerian to address overall
feelings of anxiety in dogs.

Don’t rule out playtime

Playtime can be just as effective as chamomile for your dog’s anxiety symptoms. Pets (and
humans) respond well to playtime and walks. So, the next time you and your furkid feel
stressed, take a nice walk and round off the day with a calming snack.

If you prefer a product from your vet

Not convinced that chamomile can aid your dog’s anxiety, there are many over-the-counter
vet products available. For example, Calmeze helps with separation anxiety in dogs because
it has a build-up effect (it contains the amino acid tryptophan which is a precursor to
serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter).

On the other hand, SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for more serious
behavioural problems where anxiety becomes harmful to the dog are available on
prescription. But, these are prescribed in specific cases and your vet will take into account
breed, age, gender, temperament, house environment and family makeup.

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