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Have you ever wondered whether cats can suffer from boredom? Well, yes, they certainly can. As a pet parent, recognizing early signs of boredom is important in preventing stress, anxiety and depression in your cat. 

How cats become bored

A lack of stimulation is the primary cause of boredom. A feline’s character is to hunt and play. Human interaction is also important in the case of indoor cats. Although most cats do well when left alone for long periods of time, a consistent lack in stimulation may lead to boredom which can later cause behavioural issues.

Signs of boredom in cats

Boredom in cats is linked to stress, anxiety and depression. If your cat is displaying any of the following behaviours, she may be suffering from boredom:

  • Eating more than usual, leading to obesity or, on the other hand; 
  • Showing a lack of interest in food,
  • Sleeping more than usual,
  • Disobedient or destructive behavior,
  • Excessive grooming or,
  • A complete lack in grooming.

What can you as a pet parent do?

Creating a stimulating environment is key for you as a pet parent. To prevent boredom, cats require entertainment and distraction. This is especially important for when your cat is home alone. 

Here are some ideas to create stimulation for your cat:

  • Ensure they have a room with a view. Cats love to stare out of the window and relaxing in the windowsill can certainly lessen boredom. 
  • Cat furniture is often enticing and alleviates boredom. Choose furniture with hanging objects and bells which can allow your cat to jump, play, scratch and investigate. They will love you for it!
  • Put a cardboard box in their play area.
  • Cat toys are a must. Anything that rolls, make noises or has a bell is entertaining for cats and will certainly lessen boredom. 
  • Two is company! If your feline is a single fellow, consider getting him a friend. Cats love to play with each other.

Indoor cats who do not hunt require playfulness for stimulation. As a pet parent, you can however create hunting activities, and this especially works well with treats! However, when your feline is home alone, enticing activities are needed to keep your cat active, healthy, and boredom free.

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