About SaYes Pet Care

SaYes Pet Care online dog and cat food store

SaYes Pet Care is an online dog and cat food store for pet parents who want to treat their furkids with the best quality nutrition on the market. What is more, at SaYes pet parents explore nutrition and wellness products as well as treats and accessories. This, along with expert advice and service, make pet parenting fulfilling and being a pet fabulous. 

Our online dog and cat food shop is stocked with a variety of products that any pet parent will love. Plus, enjoy choosing from a range of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals for those everyday ailments. 

Our approach

Established by a team of passionate individuals, SaYes was designed with a holistic approach to pet wellness in mind. That is, we incorporate both nutrition and education. That is to say, pet parents will Say Yes to in-house advice from our very own Doctor C, all while navigating our amazing products. And, don’t forget… discover facts and fun truths about just about anything at the Pet Dialogue blog for cats and dogs.

Doctor C

Remember, Doctor C is here to answer any non-emergency medical questions you might have about your beloved furkid. So, head over to the Doctor C blog or get in touch if you cannot find what you are looking for. To ask doctor C a question, simply select “Ask Dr C” on the SaYes home page. However, keep in mind that Doctor C checks in now and then. In other words, if you need emergency advice, please contact your veterinarian.

SaYes Pet Care is where you can Say Yes! to quality nutrition, excellent caring service and to quality life for your furry kids.

The SaYes Philosophy

It is our dream to provide our pet parents with the best
possible online pet shopping experience.

At SaYes, we strive to provide high quality,
scientifically advanced nutrition, wellness
products and practical information
for our pet customers.